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ENME 489L Spring 2010 Walking Lizard

This is a robot designed, assembled, wired, and programmed by a team of 4 members for University of Maryland's Bio-Inspired Robotics Class (ENME489L). We modeled the design and gait off of a large lizard, like that of a Komodo Dragon or Crocodile. The goal of the project was to design a robot that could walk at least 25 body lengths (where a body length was the maximum dimension) in two minutes. During this recording, it walked 84 feet in the two minute period, which worked out to 84 body lengths (guess what the body length is). All parts were designed using Pro-Engineer, printed with a Stratasys Dimension SST FDM 3-D Printer, programmed in BASIC, controlled with a PIC16F877 Controller-ETT board, and used 8 Futaba S3114 Servo Motors. 8 AA batteries provided power to the control board and servos. The video is (quite obviously) unedited.


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