• Robot-sensing hand for co-robotics
    Robot-sensing hand for co-robotics
  • Robots inspired by biological forms
    Robots inspired by biological forms
  • Collaborative, cooperative, networked robots
    Collaborative, cooperative, networked robots
  • Surgical and medical robots
  • Miniature, micro and nano robots
    Miniature, micro and nano robots
  • Robots for extreme environments
    Robots for extreme environments
  • Cognitive robotics—robots that learn and reason
    Cognitive robotics—robots that learn and reason
  • Unmanned vehicles
    Unmanned vehicles
  • Outreach to K-12 students
    Outreach to K-12 students
  • Demonstrations and open houses
    Demonstrations and open houses

About Maryland Robotics Center

The Maryland Robotics Center is an interdisciplinary research center housed in the Institute for Systems Research (link is external) within the A. James Clark School of Engineering (link is external). The mission of the center is to advance robotic systems, underlying component technologies, and applications of robotics through research and educational programs that are interdisciplinary in nature and based on a systems approach.

The center's research activities include all aspects of robotics including development of component technologies (e.g., sensors, actuators, structures, and communication), novel robotic platforms, and intelligence and autonomy for robotic systems. [read more]



Bridge Bot is a prototype robot for bridge inspection being developed in Sarah Bergbreiter's Micro Robotics Laboratory. The robot can operate horizontally, vertically and upside down, and transition smoothly from one angle to another, just as it would need to do while monitoring a bridge. It is also capable of moving on surprisingly thin edges.