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Maryland Robotics Center news archives: P.S. Krishnaprasad

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Optimal control and strong interactions imply flock cohesion
New work suggests that copying behavior in social groups may be governed by optimal control theory  More »

Workshop on Geometry of Collective Behavior organized by P. S. Krishnaprasad
The workshop was part of the 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.  More »

Alumnus Matteo Mischiati is lead author of sensorimotor control study in Nature
Research shows dragonflies use predictive control strategies, not just simple reactions, to capture prey.  More »

Alum Dimitris Tsakiris improves propulsion of robotic octopus
Paper is finalist for two awards at IROS 2014.  More »

Alum Xiaobo Tan developing robotic fish to 'stalk' real fish in the Great Lakes
The MSU professor's fish will track the movements of lake trout, walleye and lake sturgeon.  More »

Galloway, Justh, Krishnaprasad publish chasing and flocking research in Proceedings of the Royal Society A
New models and equations aid in understanding of natural phenomena, has implications for engineered networks of robots.  More »

UAE students, Northrop Grumman engineers tour robotics laboratories
Visitors were in town for the annual AUVSI conference.  More »

Alum Xiaobo Tan improves robotic fish
Fish now can glide for long distances.  More »

MERIT-BIEN and TREND Fair Showcases Undergraduate Research
More than 20 undergraduate students participate in research projects sponsored by ECE and IREAP.  More »

Krishnaprasad awarded AFOSR DURIP for collective behavior testbed
System will include mobile robots, cameras and enhanced computational resources.  More »

Alum Sean Andersson earns tenure at Boston University
Former student of P. S. Krishnaprasad has research interests in systems and control theory.  More »

Krishnaprasad delivers Princeton Baetjer Colloquium lecture
Was named to the 2012 Baetjer Colloquium Lectureship for contributions to geometric control, filtering theory, robotics and bio-inspired design.  More »

Alum Xiaobo Tan's research featured in NSF Highlight
Story features Tan's artificial muscle-enabled robotic fish.  More »

Alum Kevin Galloway starts postdoc at University of Michigan
Former student of P. S. Krishnaprasad will develop feedback controls for bipedal robots.  More »

Alum Fumin Zhang wins ONR Young Investigator Program award
Former student of P.S. Krishnaprasad is one of only 17 recipients nationwide.  More »

Paper by Krishnaprasad, Justh, Wei published in Proceedings of the Royal Society A
Paper offers possible evolutionary basis for flight behavior in echolocating bats.  More »

Krishnaprasad gives inaugural Cymer Distinguished Lecture
Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics  More »

Alumnus Xiaobo Tan receives ONR grant for biomimetic robotic fish
Robots are based on biological principles and incorporate biomimetic electroactive polymers.  More »

P.S. Krishnaprasad gives Bode Lecture
Winner of 2007 Bode Prize spoke at 46th IEEE CDC Conference.  More »

Stealth strategy paper by Justh, Krishnaprasad published
Researchers develop simple model that represents the engagement of pursuing bats and their insect prey  More »

Abed, Baras, Krishnaprasad, Justh speak at swarming workshop
Speakers apply natural behaviors to networked groups of autonomous vehicles  More »

ISR alum George Kantor co-authors new robotics book
Principles of Robot Motion includes theory, algorithims and implementation  More »

Horiuchi, Krishnaprasad receive $286,000 AFOSR grant
Research to focus on "Neuromorphic VSLI-Based Bat Echolocation for Micro-Aerial Vehicle Guidance"  More »

Leonard conducts underwater robotics research
Team launched fleets of underwater vehicles into the Pacific Ocean  More »

Shamma, Horiuchi, Baras, Krishnaprasad, Moss awarded acoustic sensors contract
Team will develop intelligent and noise-robust interfaces for MEMS acoustic sensors for DARPA  More »


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